Best Pittsburgh Desserts

I am an “ask to see the dessert menu before ordering the first part of your meal” person, all the way. Can anyone relate? I mean, if dessert is going to be epic … I’ll *maybe* skip the app or try not to eat my entire main course. 

That said, a good dessert menu can be few and far between. I’m talking more than a chocolate cake or cannoli (not that those aren’t perfectly fine options). Thankfully, I’ve scoured the city and along with your submissions we have a pretty solid list. 

Let the sugar craving commence …

  • Fruited Popsicles and S’mores Tart, Streets on Carson

    This dessert experience is one of the most memorable to me in Pittsburgh. The Smore’s Tart has a fantastic balance of flavors and textures featuring a graham cracker shell, milk chocolate ganache and toasted fluff. But then … there are the fruited popsicles. A summer seasonal feature for sure, so keep your eyes peeled. These are from scratch and we were able to try Watermelon Blueberry and then another with kiwi where you could literally taste the seeds. So dang refreshing.

  • House Churned Ice Cream, Osteria 2350:

    Think Frosty, but gourmet. This is so beyond creamy and there is always a great rotation of flavors. You can also find an elevated version at their sister restaurant, Cioppino. Which speaking of …

  • Weekly Dessert Features, Cioppino: 

    Yes, the standard dessert offerings at Cioppino in the Strip District are very good. But my goodness … their Executive Pastry Chef is BRINGING IT for weekly specials. One of the highlights for me was this Orange Cheesecake with cranberry compote swirl and a ginger cookie crust.

  • Bread Pudding, Casbah and Kaya (big Burrito Group):

    Let me paint this picture for you. Dark Chocolate. Raspberry. Served Warm. Topped with creme anglaise. It is … just beyond. You’re welcome fellow bread pudding lovers.

  • Carrot Cake, Off the Hook:

    I want to start by saying I am not a carrot cake person. I’ve never once craved it, and in fact often cannot order it due to my tree nut allergy. But THIS carrot cake … it hits differently. House made and walnut -free, layered with cream cheese frosting and served with caramel ice cream.

  • Cookies and Pastries:  I must say, there are some fantastic bakeries in this city. Here is a short list of my favorites.
    • Morning Bun, Madeleine Bakery and Bistro
    • Oatmeal Cream Pie, 350 Bakery
    • Red Velvet and Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Cafe Raymond
    • Classic Glazed of Chocolate Frosted Donuts, Better Maid
    • Custard Donut, Oram’s Donut Shop
  • Your votes! I of course haven’t tried every dessert menu in the city, so here are some submissions from you, The Pittsburgh Web followers.
    • Onassis, Cristos
    • Banana Cream Pie Shake, The Milkshake Factory
    • Tiramisu, Dish Osteria
    • Angel Food Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Monterey Bay
    • Everything from Jean Marc Chattelier



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