How often will you be updating the directory?

Monthly – this will never be able to cover every business in Pittsburgh, but it is a start. I am just one person updating the website as a way to shine a light on our community. Do not hesitate to submit the form on my website to have your business added.

Who maintains the directory?

Just me! Sarah. Or some of my poor sweet friends who I reimburse in wine. So, please bear with me if information needs to be corrected. You can submit the form on my website at any time.

Have you been to all of the places on the directory? Can I confirm everything listed on here is high quality foods and/or products?

No, I have not. However, there is a note on the listing if I have been there previously. I do not want this directory to serve as a review site. Every small business can have bad days, and everyone can have different opinions of what is good and what is not. I encourage you to read and leave honest reviews on websites like Google and Yelp!

Is this a paid platform? Are you being reimbursed to post or list businesses on this directory?

Not at all. This is a pro bono service allowing me to use my marketing powers for good. No one is paying for listings or sponsored content.

Would you come visit my restaurant or shop? I would love to be represented on your platform!

I’d love to. Shoot me a DM on @thepittsburghweb and we can try to work something out.