your official guide
to charitable organizations
in the city of Pittsburgh.

well, the start to one …

The Pittsburgh Web of Good

The Pittsburgh Web is a powerful community, one that centers around a single mission: shining a light on local businesses. Throughout the years, many non-profits have also ‘slid into the DMs’. And if you think it can be overwhelming to find a place to eat or drink in this city … philanthropy is on another level.

There are so many charitable organizations and ways to get involved. I say it’s time to build a directory, one that is organized by category & mission that makes it easier for this community to find their best fit to further get involved. We call it The Pittsburgh Web of Good.

Together, we can all find a way to come together and make this city a better place.

a new generation
of giving and community

Beyond 2024, The Pittsburgh Web of Good aims to evolve into a larger-scale initiative, encouraging philanthropy and fostering engagement with younger demographics. Our vision is to expand into a city-wide movement, leveraging the power of social media for the greater good and empowering nonprofits to connect with a new generation of donors.

Plans for 2025 include the launch of a resource portal, offering social media guidance to participating nonprofits, and forging partnerships with corporate entities to amplify donation matching efforts. This is not just a fundraising endeavor; it’s a testament to the collective power of community and using social media effectively to connect. 

Our mission is clear: to usher in a new era of giving and demonstrate the profound impact of social media in driving positive change.

Are you interested in investing in The Pittsburgh Web of Good initiative?

We are looking for a partner(s) to fund the staffing and build of both this directory and the annual giving drive.

Please contact me if interested